June 2015 – A Tadpole’s Promise

tpThis month’s recommended read is ‘A Tadpole’s Promise, by Jeanne Willis. This book has been recommended by Timi Oladimeji in Year 2. Year 2 used this book to help them understand the life cycle of a frog. Timi wrote a summary about the text and what she has learned from it. Here is a sample:

This book is about a tadpole who meets a beautiful caterpillar and they fall in love with each other. The shiny black tadpole promised the rainbow caterpillar that he would never change but that was not a promise he could keep.
Soon the tadpole changed. He grew two legs and then he developed two arms. His tail vanished and he became a frog. The butterfly could not recognise him. She cried herself to sleep because she was so upset. Surprisingly, she changed too… into a magnificent butterfly! Then something you would never expect happened…

There are three lessons that we learned from this book:

  • About the life cycle of a frog
  • About the life cycle of a butterfly
  • Don’t make promises you can’t keep!

Read it to find out what happens!

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