Certificate of Achievement

Cherry: Mia S, Lukas G, Isabela M, Jasmine G, Chiamaka N, Archie P, Maisie T, Oliver W, Violette T-C, Tioluwani L.
Chestnut: Monioluwa A, Hamid B, Jaydan B, Connor H, George J, Sonny M, Aimee E, Jason O
Acorn: Sophia C, Teddy D
Ash: Harley W, Layla J
Fir: Melody H, George D
Spruce: Paige C, Hollie C, Chloe D, Amelia E, Olivia H, Sophie H, Callum J, Teigan L-H, Keigan L, Angela M, Sarah M, Tom N, Nifemi O, Brodie P, Yasmin R, Regen R-C, Jasmine S, James S, Louis S, Tyleigh G
Pine: Joe M, Emily M, Kelvin A-I, Nathan C, Brandon B
Elm: Sophie E, Melissa A, Callum B, Tyler G, Deimante L, Gracie L, Tommy M, Anais M, Charlotte F, Jessica W, Dylan W

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